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Construction Process

We use galvanized steel in-ground swimming pool walls over everything else on the market. Steel walls have been used for pools for over 75 years and still are today. Steel walls won't flex or crack like polymer walls or fiberglass pools will. When a steel-walled pool goes in the ground, you can be reassured that it's there to stay. Steel in-ground swimming pools are anchored to the ground with a band of concrete around it called a collar. This ensures that the pool can't shift or move. We backfill against the walls with #57 gravel. The reason for this is that gravel won't settle, creating voids under the concrete deck and also allows for drainage around the pool. We do not use sand for the pool floors. We install a solid mortar based floor that remains nice and smooth, which not only ensures a longer life for the liner, but makes cleaning the pool easier.          
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From start to finish, during the construction of your new in-ground swimming pool, we understand that design ideas may change, as you see your new pool being built. You might decide that you want more concrete or that you want to add an outdoor fire pit or deck jets. We are very accommodating and helpful with design ideas and changes, simply because we want your back yard retreat to be better then you visualized. Your project is our show piece and we want it to be perfect.

We offer a variety of construction services. We can install decorative concrete to make your in-ground swimming pool stand out from the rest. If you like hearing the sound of running water, then we can create a custom water feature for you, from a simple splash-over to a complete waterfall. Some projects will require a retaining wall and our crew is skilled at installing those walls. If you're wanting a place to get relief from the sun, but still want to be around the pool, we can work with you to design a nice gazebo or pergola to shade you during those intense sunny days. As you can see, there's nothing that's out of our realm. If you can dream it, we can build it. 
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