• Oasis Pools Plus Family Owned and Operated

  • 10 Years of Serving You

  • We can help you visualize your dream and bring it to reality.

  • We want to listen to your ideas in order to get a good understanding of your vision.

  • We understand building a swimming pool is both exciting and stressful at the same time.

  • One stop We Do It All. We do not rely on subcontractors.

  • Services include in-ground swimming pool construction, swimming pool repair, liner replacement and pool seasonal transitioning.

When it comes to a pool I know your lifestyle is unique and I understand that no two people’s ideas or pool projects are the same.

Oasis Pools Plus is known for working with customers to create innovative pools and environments that reflect your own personality. Building a pool can be an intimidating project, but I am dedicated to making it a smooth process while being an enjoyable experience. First of all taking the time to listen to your ideas and what you want in your backyard is foremost to me.

During our first meeting we will talk about all your ideas and I will explain all your options in simple, easy to understand manner. As the project starts and all the time throughout I will continue to keep you informed throughout every step of the process.

In conclusion contact me today and we will get started on building your dreams!

Chris Chrystal
Owner of Oasis Pools Plus


We are a highly professional pool builder and offer a variety of construction services. We can install decorative concrete to make your in-ground swimming pool stand out from the rest.

If you like hearing the sound of running water, then we can create a custom water feature for you, from a simple splash-over to a complete waterfall.


Many customers are hands off when it comes to servicing their swimming pool so they contact us.

When closing we drain all water leftover in the plumbing. We then add pool line antifreeze to the lines and will also add the required winter chemicals to the pools water to keep it healthy and safe throughout the winter. Then we install your winter cover.


If your pool is just old, but in good shape, we can still upgrade your old pump and filter with a new energy conserving equipment.

We can also update your pool from the old fashioned chlorine system to a salt water system. Salt water requires less harsh chemicals, costs less per year to operate and keeps your water crystal clear all year long. Salt water is the current standard.


Miles Fence is a professional company and that their fence material is of the highest quality .

If you are looking for a barn or garage for your home or your business is expanding, Oasis Pools Plus can build the exterior shell or we can contract to do the entire job. You will get the industry’s finest pole barns and a building that you will love.